A One Woman Show

It’s a delicate balance being a full time mom and a growing small business owner, but I couldn’t be happier! I love working clay, mixing colors and sketching out new designs late into the night. My designs are inspired by pops of eye pleasing color and contrast that draws the eyes.


It's a one woman show here at Clay N Wire. The same woman who answers your customer service questions is the same woman who shapes clay beads for your jewelry and the same woman who packages and ships your order out. She is also the same woman running around cleaning up messes, prepping dinner, washing laundry and driving her daughter to school and activities!

When you buy from Clay N Wire you aren't supporting a corporation. You are supporting a woman with a dream to stay home with her little girl while continuing to contribute financially. I'm on the playground pushing her on the swing and answering customer questions at the same time like a multitasking maverick!


Clay N Wire is genuinely my passion. I love my customers and want them to love their jewelry!

© 2019 Clay N Wire.

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